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Relocatable homes Qld

Quality relocatable cottages Qld wide with – Eco Cottages

Eco Cottages is a builder situated at Pomona that builds relocatable homes in Qld that are both affordable and sustainable. Offering you flexibility, convenience and value, our relocatable cottages are designed to meet energy efficiency standards, so that as well as getting a quality relocatable cottage, Qld residents are helping to make a difference to the environment.

When you’re looking for relocatable homes in Qld, choose the company that values sustainability. Environmentally responsible designs provide affordable relocatable homes Qld residents love, supporting the production of renewable resources, which promotes the retention and sustainable management of termite-resistant cypress forests.

At Eco Cottages relocatable homes Qld, we provide quality cottages Qld locals have been enjoying for years, building you a charming, comfortable home at the same time as working towards making the world a better place.

Contact us today for more details – affordable, relocatable, and transportable eco cottages, installed on your land from $44,000 (Inc GST).

Our philosophy: Environmentally responsible relocatable cottages:

When we think about our cottages, there are three principle goals that we strive to honour. Through our design process, we aim to:

  • Integrate sustainable building principles and practices with quality nationally accredited construction training for each relocatable house, Qld wide.
  • Train highly skillled apprentices with the knowledge of the core principles of sustainability, using Eco Cottages’ training benchmark of 1-on-1 instruction for school-based apprentices.
  • Build environmentally responsible relocatable cottages that are affordable, have a small carbon footprint.

Cypress timber: The best choice for relocatable homes in Qld

Our relocatable houses Qld wide consist almost entirely from cypress, an excellent choice of timber that has the following properties:

  • Greater resistance to rot and decay than all other commercially available softwood and most hardwoods.
  • Hard wearing surface, making it ideal for flooring.
  • Naturally termite resistant, which means no added chemicals are needed to resist termites, borers and weather exposure.
  • Highest durability classification (Class 1), higher than hardwood.
  • Lowest shrinkage factor of all commercially used Australian timbers, and high joint value. This provides exceptional stability in use.

Choose your perfect home from a range of relocatable houses, Qld wide

When you’re looking for the right relocatable home in Qld, you understandably want a design that matches your specific needs. That’s why we provide a great selection of cottage plans to choose from, ranging in size and style so that no matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got the right design for you.

Browse our site now for some of the different relocatable houses Qld wide you could choose from, or contact us for more detailed information.